User Agreement Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions come into effect on April 1, 2021

The following terms and conditions (“User’s terms”) are the terms, to be followed by Users (hereinafter as “you” or “yours”) and the visitors when using the Tools. These terms are applied to the use and purchase of Tools offered on the Website.

Carefully familiarize yourself with the following terms and conditions before you start using the Tools. By accepting these terms, you agree and confirm that:

This document is a legal agreement between you and Ginarea, which regulates the use of Tools and actions with the User’s account. Access to the Tools and their use means agreeing to abide by the following Terms. Get acquainted with the Policy of Confidentiality here , which is the part of the Terms for the Tools use.

If you don’t agree to abide by the Terms, please do not open the Website and do not use the Tools.

Abiding with Terms on behalf of a legal entity, you confirm that you have the authority to act on behalf of such entity and his branches in accordance with the conditions. In this case, the “you” and “yours” terms will refer to the legal entity and his branches and not to you personally. If you don’t have the appropriate authority, you don’t have the right to accept the Terms and use the Tools.

Ginarea has the right to periodically update and revise these Terms and Conditions and it abides to inform about it through the Website. By agreeing to the Terms, you confirm that you will be studying these Terms, from time to time. In case if you disagree with the paragraphs of these Terms and their updated or changed version, you have the right to stop the use of Tools.

By violating any of these Terms, you automatically revoke the permission to use the Tools and must immediately stop using them.

  1. Main Terms and Conditions Service (hereinafter as “Ginarea” or “we/ours”) was created by a team of specialists in the sphere of crypto-industry and blockchain technology. It provides the Tools as a service (SaaS), which are located at the  website (hereinafter as “Website” or site).

Ginarea service applies to the domain, as well as ,  and Any other domain, containing ginarea in its address but with another domain zone, is not used by the Ginarea service.

The User (users, further in the text as “you”): individuals or legal entities that use the Website or Tools.

Tools – software, which is developed by the Ginarea. Under tools are implied: crypto bots, tools for trading, applications and much more, as well as what will appear in the future. The tools are available on the website.

To use our Website and Tools you must register and create your personal account.

For the protection of your information protect your password from other people. We imply that any action, made through your personal account, is done by you and is under your control.

By agreeing with these Terms you abide to give us only current and full information in your personal account and you agree to update it on time so that we can contact you if necessary.

  1. Tools

The User has the Tools available on the Website, for managing the crypto-currency assets.

By agreeing to the Terms, you abide with the fact that the Tools (and/or any of their functions) will be periodically modified and we are not obliged to notify about it in advance.

You abide with the possible temporary or permanent termination of the access to the Tools as well as any of their functions. This happens at our discretion and we are not obliged to notify the Users about it. In accordance with these Terms, you have the right to stop the use of the Software at any time.

  1. Responsibility

Ginarea provides access to the Website and its Tools and does not offer financial, investment, legal and tax advice or other consultations. Ginarea is not a broker or a financial, investment, or tax advisor.

You accept the possibility of partial or complete loss of your capital with which the Tools work. Besides the risks described above, there are other risks associated with the Tools operation.

Ginarea has the right to suspend or terminate the provision of services, closing all or part of existing positions at market price and canceling active orders, if there is reason to believe that further provision of services may entail losses for Ginarea or for the User, or for other reasons. The User confirms that he/she knows that trading on the stock exchange and crypto-exchange and other similar activities that are carried out, in particular, with the use of Ginarea’s services, is deemed to be an activity carried out at one’s own risk and peril and may entail losses for the User. Under no circumstances may Ginarea be liable for any damages that the User may incur as a result of using Ginarea’s services and tools, trading on the stock exchange and crypto-exchange, or when performing other similar activities.

Ginarea is not responsible for damage during the course of trading. We are not responsible for the following: 

Inadequate work of links posted on the website:

The management, employees, and representatives of Ginarea, to the maximum extent permitted by current legislation, are not responsible for the appearance of any direct, indirect, or incidental damages, incurred by users in the result of Website or Tools use. This includes missed opportunities and other intangible costs.

  1. Account Confidentiality

Any information that you place or receive on the Website is confidential. It will not be forwarded to other individuals or legal entities. During the work in your personal account, especially when working from a public computer, you must be careful that your password or other personal information does not get to the third party persons.

You confirm to agree that your account becomes your personal space. You do not allow other individuals to access the Tools or its parts; you do not give your user name, your password or other information that is secure. You confirm to agree to immediately notify us about any unauthorized actions or use of your username and password as well as any other security violations. Besides, the User agrees to sign out from his account by the end of each session. The User is responsible for any illegal actions with his password or unauthorized entry to the Website with the use of his personal account.

The User does not transfer responsibility on Ginarea directly or indirectly, for the appearance of loss or damage, which can be connected with unauthorized entry to his Personal account.

Using the Website and its Tools, you agree not to give us any incorrect, inaccurate, and incomplete information that violates legislative acts. You also obliged not to allow the third parties to:

  1. Visit any secure Website areas and/or use the Tools;
  2. Send out viruses, warms, junk mail, spam, undesired offers and any advertisement;
  3. Make investigations, scanning or testing of the Website or related system or network, as well as trying to damage security or authentication;
  4. Use automated systems to copy data from the Website;
  5. Make copies of the Website and distribute them;
  6. Sell, distribute, copy, rent, merge, modify, parse, exchange, transfer, hack and other negative actions with the Website and its Tools;
  7. Engage in the creation of any derivative works.

The User doesn’t have the right to create an account using another person’s name.

A corporate account assumes the possibility of trading only by an authorized person. The authorized person is responsible for restricting access to the corporate account of unauthorized persons.

If you receive any personal information or other confidential information from other users, you must keep it and do not transfer it to third parties.

Ginarea has a right to block (temporarily or permanently) your personal account and the access to the Website if it has a suspicion of violations, associated with the use of the personal account or the Website. Besides, we have a right to block your personal account or close the access to the resource, in case of non-compliance with these Terms. 

  1. Accessibility of Website and its Tools

The access to the Website and its Tools is implemented using computers and mobile devices on iOS and Android. Ginarea does everything possible to ensure constant access to the Website and its Tools. But User understands that visiting the Website and accessing its Tools is implemented through the network, therefore, the quality and accessibility may depend on the factors beyond the control of Ginarea.

Ginarea excludes responsibility for the absence of access to the Website and its Tools, as well as for any difficulties and inability to load. It includes any failures in the communication system that may cause the Website and Tools to be unavailable.

Ginarea reserves the right to periodically update, modify or adapt the Website and its Tools with the purpose of better interaction with the User. Ginarea is not responsible for the appearance of downtime, associated with these actions.

According to the law, Ginarea has the right to waive all implied warranties regarding the availability of the Website and its Tools. 

  1. Technical Support and Complaints

Ginarea Service has a technical support group to which you can send questions related to the work of Website and the Tools. We give advice only associated with the work of Website and the Tools. Ginarea does not give recommendations regarding personal finances or optimal Crypto bot settings. 

Comments and Suggestions

We try to offer you the perfect service. If you have any complaints, comments or suggestions, please write us via the e-mail address specified on the Website or to our Telegram account. Please make sure to give us your contact information, accompanied by the letter with specific description and reason for making a complaint. Usual response time is 24 hours. 

  1. Account Cancellation

The User can cancel his account at any time after fulfilling all of his responsibilities associated with the personal account.

The User agrees with the circumstance, that if he closes his personal account, he will lose access to the Tools. 

  1. The validity of the Account

We have the right to close the access to the Tools at any time, without giving any explanation.

We reserve the right not to make a prior notification of the User and not be liable, and not to incur additional obligations to you or third parties.

When detecting unauthorized or suspicious actions from your account, we may temporarily block it, until we check all the circumstances. We can also close your account if you do not offer us necessary explanations within a specific time period.

If necessary, the User can close his own account. To do so, he must use the appropriate option. We close the personal account within the 30 day period, if:

A) All the disputes in which the User participated were stopped;

B) The User fulfilled all the responsibilities, associated with the use of the Software.

  1. Conditions for Using the Tools 

The use of Tools is regulated by local, regional, and federal laws and regulations. If you don’t have special permission for a separate agreement with Ginarea, you are prohibited to duplicate, copy, sell, exchange, or resell the Contents and any Tools.

You agree that you will not use the Tools for the following purposes:

You agree to be solely responsible (with the absence of our responsibility to you or to third parties) for any breach of obligations listed in these Terms as well as their consequences (including the cause of loss or damage).

  1. The Right for Intellectual Property

The Website contains all the information, evidence, products, services, applications and tools, API interfaces, design, text content, drawings, photos, illustrations, audio, and video. Everything that becomes accessible to the User, if it doesn’t contradict with the context, is called Content.

Tools, as well as intellectual property, which are displayed and distributed through the Website, are the exclusive property of the Ginarea, as well as our assignees, licensors and/or suppliers. If there is no agreement about it in a written form, then nothing within these Terms allows the User to use the Content of the Ginarea and its intellectual property. The User doesn’t have the right to assign or transfer the Contents, as well as provide a license to use or receive the access to the Website and its Tools.

The User has no right to change or delete the notifications about the author’s rights and other notifications, which are a part of the Website, including the notifications related to any Content.

Any unauthorized actions related to the Content can become a reason for civil liability and/or criminal prosecution. Such measures are provided by the federal, regional, and government laws.

  1. Third-Party Information

Any third-party information, evidence, content, and publications, which we offer through our Website, are presented as is, considering the convenience and the information content. Any recommendations, advice, criticism, suggestions, or other data, offered to the third-parties, are the property of authors, publishers, and corporate partners. Ginarea does not give guarantees regarding the accuracy and completeness of the information in them. 

  1. Disclaimer of Warranties

The management of the company, its employees and agents, as much as possible under the law, refuse from restrictions, warranties, and conditions, which can be obvious or implied.

Our main responsibility before the users and third-parties is to provide a non-stop work of Website and its Tools. But, we do not give guarantees about the Website, including the fact that it will work non-stop and absolutely without defects; that results, which you will get using the Tools, will be precise and reliable.

We cannot guarantee that files and information loaded from the Internet, as well as from the Website, will not contain viruses or malicious codes. You are fully responsible for using the Tools, for the work of the computer, the Internet and data security. 

  1. Change in Agreement Terms and Conditions

Ginarea has the right to make changes in these Terms and Conditions. Whenever it’s necessary to make changes into these Terms, we notify our users via e-mail (if it was provided for this purpose) and place a notification on our Website. Continued use of the Website tells us about the User’s agreement with the latest version of the Terms.

The User doesn’t have the right to transfer the rights and obligations from these Terms to third parties.

Invalid and unenforceable provision of these Terms doesn’t make any other provision invalid or inapplicable. In case of such a situation, any such invalid provision must be replaced. The provision is considered replaced if it’s considered valid and can be enforced.

  1. Support and Reporting

Ginarea is exclusively engaged in providing support services for the full operation of Website and the Tools. If you find out about its misuse, including defamatory behavior, please let the Ginarea know.

If you have any problems with Software, please contact us for help by following methods:

  1. Visit the Ginarea Help Center;
  2. Send us a message via the e-mail;
  3. Send us a message via the Telegram account.
  1. Other Provisions
  1. These Terms, including the Privacy Policy, is an agreement between the User and Ginarea, which regulates the use and provision of the Tools.
  2. Acknowledging any of the Terms illegal or invalid does not affect the other provisions of these Terms of use. The agreement between the User and the Ginarea will be changed to the extent necessary to ensure its legality and will remain subject to execution.
  3. Relations between sides are the relations of independent contractors. No paragraph in these Terms should be viewed as the creations of agency, partnership, or joint enterprise. Neither side has a right to sign the agreement or use the other side, at any means.
  4. The User doesn’t have a right to assign the rights and delegate his own obligations without prior written consent from Ginarea. Any potential violations of this section are considered invalid.  Any placements or delegations will not allow being discharged from responsibilities considering these Terms.
  1. Notifications

For you:

Ginarea may send a notification to the User, according to these Terms, using the specified e-mail address, with the consent to use it, as well as through publications on the Website.

Notifications that we send via the e-mail address, become valid from the moment that we send them, and notifications, placed on the Website, become valid from the moment they are published.

The User is responsible for the relevance and accuracy of his e-mail address and regularly checks his incoming messages.

For us:

To send a message to Ginarea, according to these Terms, you may use our e-mail address.

Ginarea reserves the right not to process the requests at their own discretion.